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  • Exam Name Oracle Certified Master, Java EE 6 Enterprise Architect
  • Exam Code 1Z0-807
  • Exam Duration 150 Minutes
  • Exam Type Multiple Choice
  • Number of Questions 60
  • Passing Score 71% (43 out of 60)

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Oracle Certified Master, Java EE 6 Enterprise Architect FAQs

1. What're the Benefits of SCEA/OCMJEA 6 Certification?

Benefits of SCEA/OCMJEA 6 Certification

  • The OCMJEA certification signifies that its holders can handle advanced design responsibilities and lead roles in creating applications. To succeed, OCMJEA/SCEA candidates must demonstrate a deep understanding of appropriate uses of modern design architecture and current Java EE technologies for business applications.

  • This certification is for enterprise architects who are responsible for architecting and designing Oracle Sun Java EE compliant applications with an emphasis on making the best use of Java EE features to create flexible, scalable, secure designs.

  • Enhances your salary, job opportunities, and credibility by adding a respected credential in your resume.

2. Why take the certification, when you are already coding in Java?

If you are already coding in Java, you must be comfortable with most of the Java fundamentals. The question is, do you feel your productivity is slow because you are not aware of some of the key stuff in Java? Java certification exams are carefully designed to ensure that you do not miss out any of the Java fundamentals. Moreover, Do you feel a need for industry recognition? Do you think that if you achieve good percentage in Java certification exams, it will impact your credibility on your resume? The statistics suggest that it does and that's why all Java professionals should appear in java certifications exams.

3. What're the Curriculum for Oracle Certified Master, Java EE 6 Enterprise Architect?

Oracle Certified Master, Java EE 6 Enterprise Architect Curriculum

  1. Application Design Concepts and Principles
  2. Common Architectures
  3. Integration and Messaging
  4. Business Tier Technologies
  5. Web Tier Technologies
  6. Design Patterns
  7. Security

4. Top reasons to register for OCMJEA 6 Certification?

  • To move your career forward as a Java developer, you need the credibility that only advanced Java certifications can provide. The most prestigious Java credential – the “Oracle Certified Master, Java EE 6 Enterprise Architect” – proves that you possess the skills and knowledge to execute Java application development at an enterprise level.
  • This exam is for enterprise architects responsible for architecting and designing Java Platform, Enterprise Edition technology-compliant applications that are scalable, flexible, and highly secure.
  • This exam is designed for candidates with experience in the following areas (typically 5 or more years: Application design: concepts and principles, common architectures, integration and messaging, business-tier technologies, web-tier technologies, Java EE technology, patterns, and security).
  • Large enterprise organizations, with their many critical applications and systems, need people with proven skills. These companies are looking for well-trained and highly experienced specialists to architect their systems, define requirements and oversee execution. And as employers, they want proof that their employees are fully prepared to execute critical functions.
  • Playing a vital role in Java-related projects, the Enterprise Architect is involved from beginning to end: analyzing and defining requirements, creating blueprints for robust enterprise applications and overseeing accurate execution. As a part of the certification process, certified Java Enterprise Architects are required to demonstrate a wide range of skills that extend well beyond fundamental Java programming.
  • Getting certified in Java makes you more valuable to your current/future employer.

5. How to Prepare for Oracle Certified Master, Java EE 6 Enterprise Architect(1Z0-807)?

  1. (Must do) Familiarize yourself with OCMJEA 6 exam process. The best place to get information about it is Oracle Certification Website or else you can also contact our team members
  2. (Must do) Whether you are at the early stage in your preparation or you have written 100s of 1000s of lines of Java code already, it is mandatory that you take a book relevant for this certification.
  3. (Must do) Other than a book, you would also need to appear in a reasonable number of practice tests. That will help you to assess your topic-wise preparation level and concentrate your preparation on weak areas. It will also expose you to a variety of OCMJEA 6 certification exam questions and set the right expectations.
  4. (Optional) In case you are looking for a comprehensive instructor-led training program for OCMJEA 6, we do offer live online training for this certification that will help you to learn and build your concept. The live online training is imparted by qualified Oracle Certified Expert trainers. This training has 100% Test Preparation guarantee.
  5. (Optional) In case you need specialized training for key topics of OCMJEA 6 you can check out Training/ Webinars sessions available with Whizlabs.
  6. (Optional) Register in a good OCMJEA forum to post questions and discuss certification exam preparation related queries. This will be helpful for your study. One such forum is CodeRanch.

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”

Benjamin Franklin

Start your preparation today by checking your current level of understanding, appear in OCMJEA free practice questions.

6. Is there any prerequisite for this Certification?

Yes, you must be certified in any version of Oracle Certified Professional, Java Programmer (SE 5 or SE 6 or SE 7) OR in any version of Sun Certified Java Programmer (SCJP) before appearing for this exam and then complete any one of the approved training from Oracle. Check details here

7. What is the process of taking OCMJEA 6 Certification?

You have to first purchase an exam voucher from the Oracle University. The voucher purchased is valid for 6 months. Register yourself at the local test center or through Pearsonvue. Finally, schedule the exam date according to your convenience.

8. Which are the recommended books for OCMJEA 6?

You can check the following book for reference –
• OCM Java EE 6 Enterprise Architect Exam Guide (Exams 1Z0-807, 1Z0-865 & 1Z0-866) (Oracle Press)

9. Can I purchase exam voucher from Whizlabs?

No, we do not provide the exam voucher. You have to directly purchase the same from Oracle.

10. Do you offer Money Back Guarantee for your OCMJEA 6 Exam Simulator?

Yes, we offer a 100% Unconditional money back guarantee. If you do not clear the exam for any reason, you can ask for the complete refund. Please note that we refund the cost of the product that you have purchased from Whizlabs but not the Oracle Certification Exam cost.

11. Apart from mock exams & questions, is there any further assistance I can get from Whizlabs?

Yes, we provide you full support for any query related to the certification when you are preparing with our mock exams. Your query will be handled by certified Java SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) & response will be provided in due course.

12. Do you have any preparation guidance for this certification exam?

Yes. We write frequently about certification preparation tips in our blog.

13. Can I try OCMJEA 6 Free Test before purchasing the whole practice test?

Yes. We are offering OCMJEA 6 free test with 21 practice questions for the free evolution of our tool that you can try before you purchase our complete test. Also, you will find the 5% discount coupon inside the free exam.

14. Are you providing any discount on the bulk purchase?

Yes. We are offering up to 50% discount for the order more than 10 products at a time. You can contact our support team for more details.

15. How long is the license valid after the purchase?

Our simulators come with the lifetime license/validity. Once purchased, you can access them for the lifetime.

16. What if I have more queries?

If you have any queries related to OCMJEA 6 Certification, course, payments, etc., please feel free to contact us at Whizlabs Helpdesk. A member of our support staff will respond to you as soon as possible.

17. Is there any prerequisite for Oracle Certified Master, Java EE 6 Enterprise Architect

Eligibility/Pre-Requisite for Oracle Certified Master, Java EE 6 Enterprise Architect

    • Step1: Complete One of the Approved Trainings
    • Step 2: Pass Exam: Java EE 6 Enterprise Architect Certified Master 1Z0-807
    • Step 3: Complete this Assignment: Java (EE) Enterprise Architect Certified Master Assignment 1Z0-865 OR Re-submit the assignment
    • Step 4: Complete the Java (EE) Enterprise Architect Certified Master Essay 1Z0-866
    • Step 5: Complete this Submission Form
    • Find Complete Details on Oracle's Site.

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