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Real Exam Format and Information

  • Exam Name Exam AZ-103: Microsoft Azure Administrator Certification 
  • Exam Duration 150 Minutes
  • Exam Type Multiple Choice Examination
  • Number of Questions 40 - 60
  • Exam Fee $165
  • Eligibility/Pre-Requisite None
  • Exam validity 2 years
  • Exam Languages English, Japanese, Korean, and Simplified Chinese

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5 Full length Mock Exams (275+ unique Microsoft Azure AZ-103 Certification Exam practice questions)

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27 Scenario-based lab exercise videos recommended for AZ 103 Exam

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Microsoft Azure Exam AZ-103 Certification FAQs

1. Is there any recommended prerequisite for Microsoft Azure Certification Exam AZ-103 and what are the important domains covered in this exam?

No, there are no prerequisites to take up Microsoft Certified Azure Exam AZ-103, but candidates recommended to have proficiency in using Azure portal, OS, Powershell, cloud infrastructure, ARM templates and networking.

The important domains covered in Microsoft Azure Exam AZ-103 are:

  • Manage Azure subscriptions and resources (15-20%)
  • Implement and manage storage (15-20%)
  • Deploy and manage virtual machines (VMs) (15-20%)
  • Configure and manage virtual networks (30-35%)
  • Manage identities (15-20%)

2. How to prepare for Microsoft Azure AZ-103 Exam?

Steps you need to follow while preparing for Microsoft Azure AZ-103 Exam are:

3. What is the Exam retake policy for Microsoft Azure AZ-103?

  • Candidate if fails in the first attempt, he/she has to wait 24 hours before exam retake.
  • He/she fails in 2nd attempt should wait for 14 days and retake the exam.
  • Candidate can take a maximum of 5 retakes in a year.

4. Which Azure Certification should I choose?

Microsoft Azure introduced Role-based certifications in 2018 based on modern technology. Here is the list of Azure role-based certifications:

5. What is the validity of Microsoft Azure AZ-103 Certification?

Once you get certified, you can make good use of it for a period of 2 years.

6. Can I get Azure AZ-103 course completion certificate from Whizlabs?

Yes. If you complete 100% AZ-103 video course, you will be able to download the AZ-103 course completion certificate from Whizlabs that is signed by our CEO.

7. Once I have purchased Whizlabs Microsoft Azure AZ-103 questions, how can I clarify my technical questions?

We have a dedicated expert team who will answer all your queries that are submitted from our Learning Management Solutions (LMS) interface. You will be receiving responses within 24 hours after the submission.

8. What is the Microsoft Azure AZ-103 Exam Cost?

Microsoft Azure AZ-103 Exam Cost is $165.

9. What is Azure VPN Gateway?

Azure VPN Gateway is secure virtual network that uses a public network to send encrypted data between an on-premises location and  Azure virtual network. It is also used to send encrypted traffic between Microsoft Network and Azure virtual systems.

10. How Whizlabs gives a guarantee to pass the Microsoft Azure AZ-103 Certification through AZ-103 practice tests and online course?

We are offering 275+ practice questions for Microsoft Azure AZ-103 exam. Our AZ-103 Practice Tests and online course are designed to help you understand the technical concepts covered in the main exam.

Also, we have a team of Azure experts who are ready to clarify any queries within 48 hours. This would be sufficient to pass Microsoft Azure AZ-103 Certification with proper dedication and hard work.

11. What is the significance of Azure DNS in Azure 103 certification?

Azure DNS is used to host domains of DNS which provides name resolution by utilizing  Azure infrastructure. It also helps in managing records by using the same APIs, credentials, tools and billing other services of Azure.

12. What is Azure Virtual Machine?

Azure Virtual Machines are versatile, on-demand computing resources offered by Azure. It gives you liability of virtualization without purchasing and maintaining hardware that runs on it.

13. Why should I take up Azure AZ-103 Certification?

The top reasons to take up Azure Certifications are:

  • To get expertise as Azure Administrator Associate.
  • Validates technical skills like storage, networking, compute, security, and other cloud operations on Microsoft Azure.
  • Top-paying info-Tech certifications in the world.
  • Provides you a global recognition for your knowledge, skills, and experience.
  • Adds a credential to your resume and thus makes you stand out of the crowd.

14. What is the significance of Azure SQL Database?

 Azure SQL Database is used for the following purposes:

  • Performance Tuning
  • Security for the data
  • Scalability and Resource Management with Elastic Pools
  • Business Consistency Features
  • Scalability of Azure SQL Database

15. Do you provide lab exercise videos for Microsoft Azure AZ-103 course?

Apart from 11+ hours of training videos for Microsoft Azure exam AZ-103, we provide 27 Scenario-based lab exercise videos which are recommended for Azure AZ-103 Exam.

16. Can I take up Microsoft Azure AZ-103 exam without having any programming skills?

It’s not mandatory to have any programming skills to take up AZ-103 exam. But Azure is a platform where you will work on Database, Virtual Machine, SQL, DNS, So it's good to have some basic knowledge in programming.

17. Why should I buy Whizlabs Microsoft Azure AZ-103 Online course and practice test?

At Whizlabs, we are committed to build high-quality training courses and practice tests for Microsoft Azure AZ-103 certification exam. You would be able to validate your technical skills on Azure technologies, Databases, and Networks using the Azure best practices through the Microsoft Azure AZ-103 online training course and practice tests.

The feedback from our customers has proven that we are fulfilling our mission to build confidence among our customers to pass the certification exam in the first attempt.

18. How long does it take to prepare for Microsoft Azure AZ-103 exam?

You will need 11+ hours for the Azure AZ-103 video course and 10-15 hours altogether for the AZ-103 Practice Tests. Get an aggregate of 20-30 hours for exam preparation and you will be prepared for the Microsoft Azure AZ-103  exam.

19. What is the average salary of a Microsoft Azure Administrator?

According to the report by ZipRecruiter, Microsoft Azure Administrator average salary is $104,999.

20. What is the significance of Azure Key Vault in Azure Administrator certification?

Azure Key Vault service is used to solve problems related to key management, secret management, Certificate management and integration with other Azure services.

21. What is the next Azure certification exam I can take after Azure AZ-103 exam?

You can apply for Microsoft Azure DevOps Solutions Exam AZ-400, as it requires AZ-103 Exam as a prerequisite.

22. What is the learning outcome of the Microsoft Azure Online course AZ-103 and practice test AZ-103?

You would be able to validate your skills on Networks, basic cloud technologies, Azure DNS and Virtual machine using the Azure best practices through Microsoft Azure AZ-103 online training course and practice tests.

23. Can I purchase an exam voucher from Whizlabs?

No, we do not provide the exam voucher. You have to directly purchase it from Microsoft. Microsoft Azure AZ-103 costs $165 which is the same across countries.

24. Do you offer Money Back Guarantee for the Exam Simulator and Online Course?

Yes, we offer a 100% Unconditional money-back guarantee. If you do not clear the exam for any reason, you can request a full refund. Please note that we only refund the cost of the product that you have purchased from Whizlabs, not the Microsoft Azure AZ-103 Exam Fee.

25. Are you providing any discount on the bulk purchase?

Yes. Whizlabs offers a 50% discount if the user purchase more than 10 products at a time. Please contact Whizlabs Helpdesk for more details.

26. Can I try the free test before purchase the whole Microsoft certified Azure AZ-103 practice test?

Yes, We are offering Microsoft Azure AZ-103 Free Test with 15 unique questions for the free evolution of our tool before you purchase our complete test. Also, you will find the 15% discount coupon inside the free test.

27. Do you update the question bank with the latest updates?

Yes. Microsoft revises the exam syllabus based on the current trends to meet the industry standard. We have SMEs who monitor the changes into exam syllabus and update the questions to ensure up to date information on our site.

28. Do you have any preparation guidance for AZ-103 certification exam?

Yes. We write frequently about certification preparation tips on our blog. Here’s How to Prepare for the Exam AZ-103 Exam.

29. When the Azure certifications expire, do they disappear from my Microsoft transcript as well?

The Azure role-based certification gets lapse in 2 years. Your accreditation will consistently show up on the Microsoft transcript, however, it will be recorded in a different segment from the active certification.

30. What are the payment gateways you provide?

We accept all kinds of payments like PayPal, CCavenue, Stripe, etc.

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