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Ansible Basics | Online Course | Whizlabs


What's Inside

  • 2 hours of Training Videos 
  • 10 lectures
  • Very exhaustive coverage to all the topics
  • Unlimited Access
Chapter Minutes of training video
Introduction 00:12:00 mins
Ansible Installation and Configuration Part 1 00:14:03 mins
Ansible Installation and Configuration Part 2 00:10:54 mins
Finding Documentation 00:10:55 mins
Ad-hoc Ansible Commands 00:14:14 mins
Ansible Playbooks 00:14:32 mins
Working with Ansible Variables 00:09:25 mins
How to Use Ansible Facts 00:09:27 mins
Troubleshooting and Debugging Ansible 00:09:38 mins
Understanding Handlers in Ansible 00:13:02 mins
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